We’re going on a Gove Hunt

Michael Rosen has written an open letter to Michael Gove this week (http://bit.ly/wOR2vl). Rosen is critical of Gove’s policy and approaches, I think it’s fair to say he’s not Gove’s biggest fan.  Rosen’s classic children’s book casts the bear in the role of the scary monster, but what if we were to face our modern day demons and go on a Gove hunt….

Author: mjp6034

Education consultant specialising in educational technology and change management.

85 thoughts on “We’re going on a Gove Hunt”

  1. Simply brilliant. Will be chuckling all night as I fill in my forced academy application and consider the value of the national curriculum that I will no longer have to follow once I convert to Govism!!

  2. Absolutely brilliant! Especially as I have often sung the title and first two lines with the substitution in my head! Thanks for finishing the story and making my day! *beams*

  3. So true! I love the original ‘bear hunt’. Feel very sad about this story (fact)! I work in a school which is now an academy. Promises were made about money etc, where is it? We are doing more & more & pressure is on.

  4. Absolutely amazing!! Just a had a real giggle reading this aloud to my hubby, with daughter listening and looking a tad confused! Haha

  5. Could do with having Michael Rosen as chief advisor to No 10 – and Gove being eaten up in Gove Hunt 2 – before my grandchildren get to school please.

    1. no, I had no contact with Michael Rosen. I was worried for a bit during writing that I might be infringing copyright, but then realised that as it is clearly satire I doubt those laws would apply. I also guessed that Rosen, if he did ever see it. might be (slightly) amused rather than annoyed given his opposition to Gove in so many areas. Hope that helps . .

  6. Love it! haha – reminds me that I first heard this on guide camp as a kid:
    I’m goin’ on a lion hunt (march in place)
    But I’m not afraid.
    Got me shotgun (pretend to hold a rifle)
    Lookin’ for a lion (make gestures looking around)
    But I don’t see no lion (hold hands up and shake head)
    Come to a ….

    Coming to get Gove!!!?

  7. Academies would not be necessary if so many schools and teaching staff were not so substandard. Maybe those in the teaching profession should take a long hard look in the mirror. It is a sorry state of affairs when people are happy to go on strike over pay at the expense of children’s education and welfare. Look a little closer at public opinion on forums and social media and you’ll see that the general opinion of those in the teaching profession is not a good one.

    1. Thanks for your comments Rob, but you have no evidence to back up your assertion that teaching and staff are substandard in maintained schools (or at least you did not add it to your comment), nor do you have any evidence that turning a school into an academy will fix poor teaching and standards (some schools have converted to academies and become considerably worse, as in the case of Birches Head Academy http://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/Birches-Head-Academy-plunges-special-measures/story-20524253-detail/story.html). Academies are not about raising educational standards, the mainstream media have told you that because that is how the politicians have briefed them. Academies are about transferring public assets (schools once owned by the local authority in other words by a locally accountable democracy) into private hands (the academy chains which are accruing schools (and their buildings and land) at an alarming rate. This is privatisation by a very clever back door, it has nothing to do with standards. If standards were important in academies answer 2 questions. 1: why do academies not have to follow the national curriculum, and 2: why can academies employ untrained people to teach in classrooms?

      As for the ‘opinion of the general public about teachers, I would say that the general public don’t exist. There is no such thing as the general public, there are just groups of people united by common beliefs, causes or links. You can assemble a group of people together to back up any point you would ever want to make. Groups of people believe in UFOs, groups of people believe that wine on a table turns into blood on a Sunday morning when words are said, groups of people actually like ‘Top Gear’. As for teachers taking a ‘long hard look in the mirror’, I think most teachers are of an age when they are familiar with their facial appearance, so staring for too long as unlikely to increase their store of knowledge in that regard. If you mean teachers need to think about why they are taking industrial action, then they already have and it it for the current government to take its ‘long hard look in the mirror’ and reflect on how constant assaults on the professionalism of teachers are not helping with children’s education.

      1. Well written statement. I am not a Teacher or do I any longer have Children in School or any other Education Facility but I am sick and fed up with people who have no experience of the profession attacking it’s standard of Teachers. These people aren’t just Teachers they are Social Workers, Councillors, Babysitters, Parents to some Children and a whole host of other things because our Government and Gove in particular wants to make Teachers wholly responsible for the Children in State Schools failure to attain an acceptable level of qualifications when they reach leaving age. Oh and not forgetting they have to put up with Verbal and sometimes Physical Abuse from Pupils. Where has the responsibility of the REAL PARENTS gone in Educating Their Children?? Example HOMEWORK is HOMEWORK where the responsibility lies with the PARENTS to make sure that it is done. Not sitting in a classroom being Supervised by a Teacher at 5 o’clock in the evening. This is set not just to make them do more work but to EDUCATE then that they have to carry out things unsupervised and on time, teaching them that in the Adult World it is their responsibility to ensure they manage their own time to get things done.

        As for the sell off to Companies I couldn’t agree more. It has just turned our Education System in to a profit making venture for these Companies. I have evidence of this statement but not prepared to elaborate on it.

    2. Absolute load of Rubbish. You are typical of someone who just reads the media propaganda. Their Striking was because of a catalogue of issues that all culminated around working conditions that the Government and Media spun up in to a basic problem about Pay. Those very same people USED the Children of this Country as a Weapon to whip up a storm about how the Teaching Profession were letting Children down when in fact it is our Government who is letting them down.

      As for Teachers taking a long hard look in the mirror? To see what? Someone who Trained to become a whipping post for everything that is wrong with our Education System? When do you ever hear or read of where the Parents fit in to being held accountable for a Childs Education? You don’t because the Government and people like yourself just blame the Teachers.

      You want to step inside a classroom of unruly Adolescent Teenagers who have no respect for elders, no discipline and who are verbally abusive? Go ahead if you feel you can do better.

      1. And children who turn up to school dirty, smelly, hungry, tired. A teacher who can get a child to even speak or smile from some of the homes they are sent from is doing an amazing job.

    3. Why then do you think that Finland where teaching is regarded as the second most prestigious profession turns out the best educated eighteen year olds in the world? Their children don’t start school until they are seven, there are no private schools and no formal exams till IB Also, as I think Michael Rosen said in one of his letters from a worried parent, “how do you decode love Mr Gove?” Synthetic phonics has its uses but it isn’t useful for everyone. My Grandson was fascinated by it and pointed out, when he was in Foundation stage aged 4 that our Saab was spelled incorrectly as it should have an r in it. His older sister,,on the other hand, was so involved in real books from a very early age that she obstinately refused to be engaged with synthetic phonics. In spite of this, at ten , she has, for the last two years been a winner in the Guardian young Critics competition.

    4. You are a very misinformed individual Rob, and it is apparent from your comments that the tabloid press litter your home, substandard daytime television, reality shows about oddballs in Wales and EastEnders probably make up a large percentage of you household viewing and, in all liklihood, you’re one of those parents who thinks education is a waste of time for your 8 or 9 benefit-supported spawn! Leave the opinions on important topics to the responsible adults, eh!? Merci, et vous êtes bienvenue!

  8. Synthetic phonics is not Gove’s idea. It has been endorsed as effective teaching since at least 1999, but just not taught well in schools. It’s thanks to synthetic phonics that I , and I hope others, can decode and ‘read sinfetic fonics’.

    1. thanks for commenting; but this was a bit of lighthearted fun rather than a historical look at methods of teaching reading, and in any case at no point did the piece infer, however obliquely, that synthetic phonics was Gove’s idea. It merely used (for satirical purposes), his championing of this method over others.

    2. Synthetic phonics has been used n Montessori school since the 1960s. It is very effective. I used them to teach my daughter to read when after two years of schooling she was unable. After on term she was streets ahead. authorhannahgraham.blogspot.com

  9. What about Gove going on a school hunt. “Uh-oh, it’s the NUT conference. Lots of over worked, under appreciated angry teachers.

    He can’t go over it, he can’t go under it. Oh no, he’s got to go through it.

    Boo Hiss Boo Hiss
    Boo Hiss Boo Hiss”

    1. This is absolutely brilliant. I have been a teacher for nearly 20 years and now find the job has become impossible. Many many excellent, inspiring teachers are leaving in droves and I feel it is only a matter of time before the whole profession collapses. This clip says it all, when is somebody in authority going to listen and put an end to the carnage this man is leaving in his wake.

  10. The video is brilliant!!!

    Michael Give is not the only idealistic pratt in government.

    Working in school is a very challenging and demanding job. Teachers are under tremendous pressure from all areas. It saddens me that this government deems it necessary to undermine and patronise the people that are the backbone of this country.

    These being:- Teachers, Police officers, Doctors and Nurses, basically anybody who works for the government. EXCEPT OF COURSE THEMSELVES!!

  11. Reblogged this on Ramblings From Around the World and commented:
    I’m not in the UK right now and after listening to all the Gove policies I don’t think I ever will be! Supporting the strikes from afar. Supporting UK teachers who do a fantastic job and don’t need this crap!

  12. Going on a children hunt
    Ones free of potential madness
    Ones free of random reform
    Ones free of vote catching moves
    Ones free of initiating initiatives
    Ones free of straight jacket teaching
    Ones who deserve better
    Will there be any left?
    Yes I hope so


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