‘I can politic’ scheme to give all politicians a sound basic education

 An initiative which seeks to tackle the chronic problem of low levels of education amongst politicians and their seeming lack of grasp of reality has been launched.  Titled ‘Can Politic’ it combines a friendly and targeted approach to ensure that all politicians, regardless of party, are familiar with some of the basics, such as maths, english, basic health and safety, and some rudimentary sociology.

The president of the scheme Dr Ed Nobles said: “We hope this scheme will make politicians who have to attend basic education classes as normal and pleasant as going to cookery or line-dancing classes.  They will get a voucher worth £100 which they can take into their local branch of Boots and cash in for training courses at their local academy or free school.  In many cases politicians seem to be wilfully ignorant of the basics, so urgent remedial work on maths and understanding basic economic concepts is needed.  Sometimes it’s a lack of understanding of quite easy to grasp principles which can hold these politicians back such as thinking that negative growth is a  sign that economic policy is working.”

Other learning needs are more specialist, such as ‘storing petrol at home safely’, and ‘knowing what day of the week it is’; and the organisers believe that these courses we be useful for politicians who have shown confusion about these issues in the recent past.

Bad politics is blamed for everything, from obesity to last year’s riots to the complete and utter shambles that the country is in. This massive state intervention to improve the quality of politicians may seem a huge waste of money in the midst of the biggest recession since the 1930s, but few of us want to see a continuation of what have been dubbed ‘Yes Minister’ relationships, where one generation of feckless, simple-minded and devious politicians produces the next.  We must break the cycle of politicians breeding more politicians and living inside a Westminster bubble where nothing makes any sense unless you are also inside that bubble.

Dr Noble continues: “Obviously for the scheme to be successful we need to reach the right politicians. Some have proved to be very difficult to educate, and continue to hold reckless and factually wrong attitudes despite mountains of empirical evidence and research to the contrary.  One high level politician believes that social mobility can be improved without tackling income inequality and appears to be wholly ignorant of decades of social research and evidence which suggest the two are very strongly linked.

In some cases we have politicians whose basic maths is so poor that they believe that 62% and 142% are the same number, and are comfortable stating in public that the UK and Greek levels of debt are the same as a result of this misunderstanding. This obviously makes them look foolish, and by association the country too, so ‘Can Politic’ is a targeted initiative designed to tackle ignorant politicians and stop them talking rubbish every single time they open their mouths.

(you may find this link helpful if not all of that made sense)

Author: mjp6034

Education consultant specialising in educational technology and change management.

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