The Classroom of the Past

Rumours abound that the Department for Education are going to be exhibiting at BETT.  After Michael Gove’s appearance last year, he has had a team working around the clock to develop his ‘classroom of the past’ concept space.  He strongly believes this space will settle once and for all the nonsense some vendors insist on peddling at the show when they come up with ‘Classroom of the Future’ type exhibits. Set to take the BETT show by storm, the ‘classroom of the past’ has many revolutionary design features not seen in classrooms since at least, erm , 1952.

Security is tight ahead of its launch, but this copy of the brochure was leaked via a Hotmail account earlier today.

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 20.23.52

Author: mjp6034

Education consultant specialising in educational technology and change management.

3 thoughts on “The Classroom of the Past”

    1. Not only DDA compliant, but there is the risk that the teacher will be able to get close to and interact with the pupils via those wide aisles

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