Matthew Pearson is an education consultant working across education sectors with a particular interest in technology and education.  This blog represents his own views and is written to stimulate debate about how education could be improved with technology and new approaches.

Matthew Pearson

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Matt,

    I notice you started following Cooperative Catalyst…. we are always happy to have readers from outside the USA… 🙂 If you are every interested in doing a guest blog, or being a member… feel free to email me at CoopCatalyst@gmail.com

    -David Loitz
    Cooperative Catalyst member since 2010

  2. Greetings Matt,

    My name is Samantha Peters and I want to know if you accept Guest Posts on your Matt Pearson’s blog about Education, Teaching, and Technology?

    One of my resolutions in 2012 is to write and contribute more quality article related to education and educational technologies on a great site like yours.

    I do a lot of freelance writing and am capable of writing unique and relevant posts that I think you and your readers will find interesting.

    Is this something that you would be interested in?

    To give you an idea of my writing style and quality, I am including a link to a recently published guest post of mine. However, please know that any article I write will be unique and specifically written to fit within the context of your site. Also, any article I write will only be submitted and published on your site.

    7 Online Classrooms Teachers Can Use To Augment Their Own: http://bit.ly/xyClDF

    Also, I started a blog called The Education Update, which currently doesn’t really look that great design wise, but it has taught me about blogging and publishing my articles online.

    So you know, I work with the understanding that any article I submit must pass your review and editorial process before being published. Also, I understand if you reject any article I submit and will not be offended.

    I look forward to hearing back about the opportunity of contribute a guest article.


    Sam Peters

  3. Hello Matt,
    I’ve just stumbled on your blog and I’d like to thank you for what I have learned and the food for thought you’ve given. I’ve also added a link to it in a new project http://www.reclaimeducation.com. I’d be grateful if you could have a look at the site (still underconstruction though). Any contributions and comments are much appreciated.


  4. Hi Matt, read your blog about Osiris Educational’s Teachmeets fiasco, so went on their website. Seems like they’ve just made up a whole new set of Osiris teacher standards (little to do with Ofsted or DfE – seems the teacher ‘competency’ levels have been plucked out of the air) upon which to degrade teachers against. Ring them up and ask them about their phantom standards – it is hilarious. http://osiriseducational.co.uk/new-courses-summer-2013/teacher-competency-framework.html. Just another course to flog. And another school budget to rinse. Another load of fear to chuck at overworked teachers. Would love to know your opinion.

  5. Sorry Margo, I’m not sure what meta-analysis you are talking about here. If it’s something I have written about, let me know the title of the blog and I will have a look

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