Touchscreens for Huddle Rooms

An increasingly common feature of the modern workplace are huddle rooms.  The word sounds awkward, but the concept is useful as it denotes a space where a small group can come together informally to have a meeting; work out ideas, get some stuff done and then return to their desks.

Huddle rooms became necessary as more and more work areas in business were converted to open plan. Open Plan is great for maximising space and also having employees feeling involved in things (as opposed to shut into individual offices like battery hens). But the space in an open plan office is not conducive to a meeting, either you risk interrupting everybody else working, or conduct your business in the hushed tones you have to use when visiting the Sistine Chapel.

Huddle type spaces are even added by innovative architects and designers in areas such as motor way services. The image below shows some ‘sheds’ at the back where you can get some privacy and escape the bustle of the main room.

Gloucester Services

Huddle spaces are informal, and my view is that they should not be bookable like meeting rooms, but used as needed in a more ad hoc basis. This way they encourage spontaneity and your employees to act quickly on ideas and get them progressed.

So what technology do you put in a Huddle Room?

Video conferencing is important along with a display screen, but ideally you need an interactive surface for scribbling and sketching.  And the technology must be really easy to use, people should be able to sit down, do what they need to, save or capture it and move on.  Nobody has time for training on complicated tech, and even if they did, they’d forget it all when they actually wanted to have a meeting, and waste all of their time messing around with the kit rather than working.

The ProLine+ is a great choice of interactive touchscreen for a Huddle Room.  Here are the reasons for this:


1: Prowise Central: the onboard operating system for the screen.  It means the screen can be used without a PC. You get a browser, and a whiteboarding application.  You can save your work to the memory (to return to it later); email it or capture a full resolution copy of it by snapping the QR code with your phone or tablet.

2: Prowise Reflect: Want to get your computer display on the big screen but can’t be faffed with cables? The ProLine+ has Prowise Reflect for wireless sharing of screens, download the app to your device and share it easily with the group.

3: ProWrite Ink:  The ProLine+ touch is powered by Infared (tracking 20 points of touch), but it also has a very slick pen powered by (magic) electro-magnets.  This means you can write on the board just as you do on paper, the harder you press the thicker your line gets, and you can rest your hand on the screen as you write, as the pen cancels out the IR touch. You have to actually do this yourself to experience what a great experience it is.

4:  Full 7 year warranty.  If you do invest in this technology for your Huddle Rooms you will want to get a good return on investment. The ProLine+ is built to last with an industry beating 7 year full warranty. I won’t bore you with the costs and maths, but over the 7 years you could get this solution for around £480 per year.  You won’t be able to put a figure easily on the results of your employees collaborating but my guess is that even with a handful of meetings a month this cost will be coming back to your business ten fold.

5: Flexibility.  Huddle room design is still evolving and local space and the layout of your building will dictate how you set up your spaces. But why commit to fixing the screens on the wall when Prowise have built a custom mobile lift for the ProLine+ ?

This means the screen can be raised and lowered within the meeting, but the screen can also be wheeled to other parts of the room for other purposes. Having a large meeting? Wheel your 3 huddle screens into a single room and you have a huge presentation area.  Outgrow your office and have to move to a totally new one? Take the screens with you with no de/reinstall costs.


If you would like a demonstration of the ProLine+ and how it can help you make a great Huddle room, then get in touch.