Profit-Making State Schools, Why this is a terrible idea (part 2)

In profit warning part I ( ) I argued that neoliberal pressure to allow schools to make profits were absolutely nothing to do with raising standards or improving outcomes for students. The motivation behind allowing companies to cream off profits from running state education is purely about profit and the enrichment of the elite who

Profit-Making State Schools: Why this is a terrible idea. (Part 1)

Gove’s education reforms, in particular his expansion of the academies programme and the launch of free schools, are moving inexorably to the moment where companies will be encouraged to run schools for profit. Gove let slip at the Leveson enquiry that he would be happy to see Free Schools make a profit in the second

The limits of the free market, energy and health compared

This blog posting is not about teaching or technology, but sometimes you just need to write about what makes you angry. When general elections come round, UK politicians start agonising about the public’s lack of engagement with the democratic process and then they begin to blame each other for this mysterious disjunct which has formed

Assaulting the Ivory Tower: The HE white paper and the ‘Free Market’

The Higher Education White Paper was published on Monday 28th June 2011, and sets out the coalition vision for the reform of universities.  Higher Education policy in England has not had the happiest of times since the Coalition government came to power and the issue of tuition fees and charging structures has created considerable media interest.  Mike